Improving Young Lives in Mooresville

Children in Mooresville located about 20 miles west of Franciscan Health’s southern Indianapolis campus, have a special place to go for many of their after-school and summertime activities – the Boys and Girls Club of Morgan County. When we talk about improving the quality of life in the communities Franciscan serves, a primary focus of funding from the Foundation’s Community Health and Wellness Fund, the Boys and Girls Club is a great example.

Located in a large building made available by a local church, the club has the space necessary to meet the diverse needs of hundreds of area children. Club members benefit from a supportive, dedicated staff and a bountiful schedule of planned activities that emphasizes education, personal growth, physical activity and conflict resolution. There is little unscheduled time as staff challenge kids to strengthen their bodies, hearts, and minds in many fun and creative ways.

The cost for club membership is kept very low, at $20 per year, to encourage access for kids from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Access to the club’s programming has proved a godsend for many. Chris Tann, club executive director, puts this in perspective: “Each year we do a survey of our parents and ask them what they would do if there were no Boys and Girls club. Overwhelmingly, their response is ‘We don’t know.’”

Community-spirited donors to the Foundation Community Health and Wellness Fund would be hard pressed to find a better, more deserving recipient of fund dollars than the Boys and Girls Club of Morgan County.

To learn more about how the Community Health and Wellness Fund helps the Boys and Girls Club, watch this short video.