Bequest Language

"Franciscan Health means so much to me and our family. One of your hospitals cared for us in our time of need and has faithfully served our community for generations! We want to consider making a contribution from our assets to advance your good work, but how can we do that in these uncertain times?"

We hear that question quite often in conversation with friends of Franciscan Health. Very often, donors are able to support our work and mission with an annual gift; for example, as members of one of our regional foundations’ giving clubs or by participating in a special event. When the donor’s intention is to think about a gift to the hospital from their assets — "a gift of a lifetime" — that is when a planned gift may best serve your charitable intentions.

A charitable bequest is a gift that you include in your will. It is one of the most popular types of planned gifts because the donor has the opportunity to leave a meaningful gift without incurring an immediate out-of-pocket expense.

Since the exact language of a bequest provision is very important, bequests to benefit Franciscan Health should be directed to Franciscan Health Foundation. Please contact us with questions about designating your gift to a specific hospital or special-purpose fund.

There are different types of charitable bequests and the appropriate language to express that bequest depends on what you plan to give to Franciscan Health Foundation. Here are some examples of bequest provisions.

Example of Bequest Language:

I give and devise [the sum of ____Dollars, the following property known as ___________, ________% of my estate, the remainder of my estate] to Franciscan Health Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable institution located in Mishawaka, Indiana. This gift should be used for _______________ (fund designation) at __________________ (Franciscan Health hospital or facility name).


In the event that [name of the primary beneficiary] does not survive me, I designate the Franciscan Health Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable institution located in Mishawaka, Indiana, as the devisee of this bequest of [insert the bequest description].

Talk to your friends and loved ones about your decision to include us in your will. If you choose to tell us about your future bequest, we will have the opportunity to thank you and ask what specific program or purpose you would like your gift to benefit.

For more information on bequest language or endowments, please contact us. Please be sure to consult your financial and legal advisers in considering any planned gift.