Other Gifts

Donor-Advised Fund

Make an irrevocable gift to a fund maintained by a charitable organization and enjoy an income tax charitable deduction for the full amount of the gift. As the name implies, the donor can advise the fund regarding distribution; however, donors may not place material restrictions on the fund.

IRA, 401(k), Other Pension Assets

Name us as the beneficiary of the balance of your retirement plan assets. Enjoy potential estate and income tax benefits.

Retained Life Estate

Donate a home and retain the right to live in the property for the rest of your life. Qualify for a current income tax charitable deduction on the value of our remainder interest in the home.

Charitable Lead Trust

Create a charitable lead trust that benefits us for a number of years, returns assets to your beneficiaries, and minimizes taxes.

Life Insurance

Simply make us the beneficiary of a paid-up life insurance policy. Or, use life insurance to replace assets your heirs would have otherwise inherited in the absence of your charitable gift. With wealth replacement, you realize important philanthropic goals during your life and provide for your heirs at your death.

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